A new kind of freedom,
What convinced Johann to go to America?
That there were 50 acres for each person that was 450 acres. That was something Johann could only dream about. there was going to be so much freedom and land. The religious belifes were not controlled and there was lots of money in the land. that inspired people to go. If there was anything in the world Johann liked it was being in America . He moved because people didn't control his religious beliefs. he was free. He also moved because there was an opportunity with his kids to go to school. Also so he could read.

How did Johann feel about the decision later?
He felt happy things were moving well. His kids could go to school. His work was better he could sell more. He had more to care for. He was and had more than he could dream of. The land was free they could even afford a car. This could never have happened in his old land. This is why new lands bring more opportunity. He could make more, he saved more and his wife and kids were even happy. He loved this decision.
Molly's dream,
The dream that Molly dream's is that one day she will be free to have a hose with a pond, and have some duck and geese and a dog. She also dreams that one day she can be like ms. Simmons. I know that being an indentured servant can be hard because she couldn't just leave anytime, seven years was the contract and she can't break it. So to be free to feel that emotion is like having a million dollars. She could be a seamstress. an indentured servant usually isn't very luck but in this case at least she can look up to her employee.
What will she need to make her dream come true? Molly needs her contract to finish before she can be free to do everything she wants to do. She will also need ms. Simmons to teach her how to run her own business. Molly will need her family to be with her and she will also need some help with her sticking. But I think what she needs most is to bound with ms. Simmons, the bound they share is strong but not strong enough. A indentured servant seems like someone who would need a lot of help, and she does but not in the way that we think.


Questions-Why do we move.
well, after watching the movie on brain pop I started to think differently about moving. People think move because of three main reasons, Money, freedom, and less control on people's political and religious beliefs. Many many places have all of the above but one very special and popular place of them all s America, maybe you come from it , maybe you've heard of it or maybe you think i have no clue about that place. Well either way I want to teach about the following in America. America has money because hardly any beggars big places and the biggest Disney world. America is free from to much un like some places you can have fun your style. America lets people believe what the want to like even muslims live their.

Backround knowledge

Questions: Why do we move?
I think we move because lots of reasons some because of money, some because of less control on beliefs, and some because of freedom. I know of many places with money, freedom, and less control on beliefs, but the one that attracts the most settlers is America. America has a lot of money in terms of the place. It's got high tech registrants, Disney world, and almost no beggars on the streets. A place ezactly the opposite is India registrants are dirty, has no very interesting theme parks and absolutely tons of beggars. India does have freedom just like America. the freedom means people can do what the want with out having to worry. To much freedom isn't great and America hasn't got to much. Singapore has so little freedom people cant' do so many things but Singapore has less control on beliefs, so does America. America has less control people can follow which ever beliefs they want I think that is true of most places.