Molly's dream,
The dream that Molly dream's is that one day she will be free to have a hose with a pond, and have some duck and geese and a dog. She also dreams that one day she can be like ms. Simmons. I know that being an indentured servant can be hard because she couldn't just leave anytime, seven years was the contract and she can't break it. So to be free to feel that emotion is like having a million dollars. She could be a seamstress. an indentured servant usually isn't very luck but in this case at least she can look up to her employee.
What will she need to make her dream come true? Molly needs her contract to finish before she can be free to do everything she wants to do. She will also need ms. Simmons to teach her how to run her own business. Molly will need her family to be with her and she will also need some help with her sticking. But I think what she needs most is to bound with ms. Simmons, the bound they share is strong but not strong enough. A indentured servant seems like someone who would need a lot of help, and she does but not in the way that we think.

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