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Questions: Why do we move?
I think we move because lots of reasons some because of money, some because of less control on beliefs, and some because of freedom. I know of many places with money, freedom, and less control on beliefs, but the one that attracts the most settlers is America. America has a lot of money in terms of the place. It's got high tech registrants, Disney world, and almost no beggars on the streets. A place ezactly the opposite is India registrants are dirty, has no very interesting theme parks and absolutely tons of beggars. India does have freedom just like America. the freedom means people can do what the want with out having to worry. To much freedom isn't great and America hasn't got to much. Singapore has so little freedom people cant' do so many things but Singapore has less control on beliefs, so does America. America has less control people can follow which ever beliefs they want I think that is true of most places.

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