A new kind of freedom,
What convinced Johann to go to America?
That there were 50 acres for each person that was 450 acres. That was something Johann could only dream about. there was going to be so much freedom and land. The religious belifes were not controlled and there was lots of money in the land. that inspired people to go. If there was anything in the world Johann liked it was being in America . He moved because people didn't control his religious beliefs. he was free. He also moved because there was an opportunity with his kids to go to school. Also so he could read.

How did Johann feel about the decision later?
He felt happy things were moving well. His kids could go to school. His work was better he could sell more. He had more to care for. He was and had more than he could dream of. The land was free they could even afford a car. This could never have happened in his old land. This is why new lands bring more opportunity. He could make more, he saved more and his wife and kids were even happy. He loved this decision.

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